“The clouds were doing something funny… They were – uh shit…”


“No, I just spilled a little coffee on myself is all.”

“Do you need a paper towel?”

“No, no. It’s good. I don’t care about this shirt. Um… So… Oh, the clouds, the clouds. They were doing something funny. Looking up at them, they didn’t touch anything else on the horizon. The outline of this clump of really cottony clouds – the perimeter – it didn’t touch the horizon, the buildings around me, the electrical wires, nothing – so from my perspective, they looked like they were about fifty, a hundred feet up… really close. And the moon was totally visible through them. It was full and beaming bright. The clouds covered the moon up totally, but you could still see every detail on it. And I remember I was looking up… and it was like… Whoa, the clouds are kind of swirling around, moving in this weird way. I couldn’t tell if it was an optical illusion, like them looking close, or if they were really moving. You know how if you look at a screen all day, once you stop, everything looks all warpy? I used to play this stupid bubble pop game on my phone, and all the bubbles were round, right? So when I would stop playing the game after ten minutes of looking at all these balls with tunnel vision, the real world looked really angular and sharp – letters and numbers were almost unrecognizable because they weren’t rounded like these bubbles in the game. So anyway, that’s what it was like with the clouds. They were warpy. And the sky was navy blue instead of black. Kinda eerie, kinda pretty. Mesmerizing.”

“And how did you feel afterward?”


“But when you were done feeling mesmerized, what was the feeling?”

“Calm for a while, but I got angry again.”